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Grace Marshall

Grace Marshall is the author of Person of Faith and the Horse Haven Series, as well as an occasional contributor to newspapers. She loves animals such as horses, her Mastiff, Mini, and her rascal cat, Amerigo. She also enjoys reading, and art as well as writing, and tries to live life to the fullest. She and her husband would love to have you join them on their adventures!

J. Lindsey Marshall

J. Lindsey Marshall writes the political and social issues blog USNimrods under the pen name of Ian Harms, TheBOMTalks blog on the contradiction between the Bible and Book of Mormon. He enjoys stories with well developed characters and is currently finishing an ebook about a boy who finds and loses himself in the world of internet gaming.

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Latest Review on "No Pizza Delivery?"21-Jul-2016

We're excited to announce a new book review has been released for, "No Pizza Delivery?," the fir..

Win a Free Copy of "No Pizza Delivery?" on Goodreads?21-Jul-2016

Join us on Goodreads, if you have an account there, where Grace Marshall is hosting a giveaway o..

Amber visits with me on "Stitches Thru Time"12-Jul-2016

Amber took the time to visit with me on "Stitches Thru Time" about the latest book in the "Horse..

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