Forward Through The Fertilizer (Horse Haven: 3)

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  • Forward Through The Fertilizer (Horse Haven: 3)

    Forward Through The Fertilizer (Horse Haven: 3)


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    Between loved ones getting sick, finding out about a pregnancy, and meeting new people, life is a whirlwind for Ruth Deloach. Even the familiar seems strange in the new land of Missouri, her Wisconsin clothes too bulky for the summer heat, her brother over-protective of guys she meets in the arch in St. Louis, and her old friends already hardly take her calls. Amidst the challenges of life though, Ruth finds laughter and love in family, her Lord, and the majestic creatures around her despite the struggles with her family and the learning she has yet to do with the horses. Yet life is a gift and each day is a day to take another step forward through the hurdles, the horse biscuits, the fertilizer.