Grace Marshall


Take That Demise

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

You take my inhibitions and fears away
Drown my protest with kisses
Change the darkness to the light of day
How can I bear to miss this

Take me away from here
Steal me away from life
So these things I don't see or hear
Pull me from this strife

Yes, that what I desire
To be stolen away by you
Stolen from all the hurt and fire
Able to get lost in all you do

~Grace Marshall
Poem, "Take That Demise"
(Picture from Pixabay)


Excerpt from Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Ruth watched the tan of the tree trunks as they went flying past. Then the white of a sign caught her eye, “FREE KITTENS,” it read. “Dad!” she shouted, squirming in her seat like a five-year-old promised a newfangled toy.

“What, hon’?” He asked.

“Kittens!” She pointed at the sign as they went zooming past.

He didn’t say anything but glanced at her briefly with an accommodating smile. They turned around in a nearby driveway and then pulled into the drive where the sign was located. Ruth was out of the car before the engine was turned off, her excitement bubbling over, but she waited for her father to get to the front door so he could ring the doorbell. A middle-aged man with high cheekbones, sandy blonde hair, and brown eyes answered the door. “Here fer the kittens?” he asked them.

Ruth nodded eagerly.

“Follow me.” He led them out to a shed where there was a box stuffed with old towels and two meowing kittens. “There’s two more ‘round here somewheres.” He looked around, pushing some boxes here and there until he found an orange tabby. “Here’s one.” He brought it back and deposited it in the box.

The two already in the box were wrestling with each other. One was another fully orange tabby and the other was orange with white spots on his tail, paws, and chest. Ruth knelt by the box to pick up the adventurous tabby that had been returned to the group.

“How old are they?” Her father asked.

“About eight weeks,” the gentleman replied. “I’m Jason Smith by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Jason.” Her father firmly shook hands with him.

Ruth gently scratched the kitten she was holding on the top of its head. It meowed softly and placed a paw lightly on her shoulder. It turned little green eyes to look up at her and meowed again. It shivered a little, as if frightened. Ruth held it closer and continued to pet the ball of fluff, hoping the attention would soothe it.

Ruth looked up as she heard a loud, helpless, drawling meow. “I think I hear the missing kitten.”

“Yeah, he’s always getting’ inta trouble.” Jason scratched his head for a moment and they all went quiet.

The meow was heard again, equally as loud, but somehow more demanding. It was a clear cry for help, but not a meager pleading one, it sounded more as if he was saying, “Why haven’t you gotten me out yet?”

Jason went toward some shelves in the back of the shed where the sound seemed to be coming from. He moved some boxes, tools, and miscellaneous junk around until he found a little orange and white head along with a white paw sticking out from a corner. He moved a box aside to reveal a ginger and white kitten with its head and leg protruding from a box of throw-out rags.

From "Horse Haven:2" - Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts by Grace Marshall



Something Love

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Something strong
Something lasting
Quickens my blood
And carries my feet

Something sensational
Something desirable
Fills my dreams
And lightens my stride

~Grace Marshall
"Something Love"

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Grace Marshall - Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Fear followed

Her train of thoughts

When she realized

Her moments

Were spent daydreaming

Only of him

He could drench her

With worry and dread

Or love and hope

With a solitary look

~Grace Marshall




Grace Marshall - Tuesday, February 28, 2017


She wasn’t fragile

She wasn’t hopeless

She’d just been in love

Fooled by one kiss

And broken by another

Unprepared for this

She shattered like glass


by Grace Marshall




Love Forever

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spinning in a frenzy
I can barely see
You’re all I need
All I want to be

To be near
To be close
To be loved
To be held

Don’t leave me alone
Don’t ever be away
I need you forever
I need you to stay

To stay here
To stay whole
To stay safe
To stay strong

~Grace Marshall
Poem "Love Forever"



Quiet Whirlwind

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Simple, small, deprived, strong-willed

Brother of a normal child

Lover of beauty, life, freedom

Who feels alive in a wagon, Freedom with walking, Sadness with death

Who fears being left alone

Who would like to see caring love

Resident of a temporary body

Quiet whirlwind

~"Quiet Whirlwind"

Grace Marshall




Grace Marshall - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

She felt her fist clench
Her mind reeled ahead
Without a second thought
Nothing more said
He was sprawled
Fist mark on his head

~Grace Marshall




Excerpt from Short Story "Lying Heart"

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lauren sucked in a deep breath, drumming her fingers on the windowsill. She squeezed her eyes tightly, feeling the tears drain down her cheeks. “I miss you,” she whispered, the words trailing away into the cold air around her. ‘Why do you have to do this to me?’

It wasn’t that she thought he was doing it on purpose. She knew that if he really had a choice he would choose to stay with her. It wasn’t that she felt unloved. She knew he loved her; he loved her like crazy. It was one of those ridiculous fantasy swan loves; the two swans that only had each other and if their mate died they stayed alone the rest of their lives. The type of infatuation where no one else was even seen. The kind where every dream revolved around that other person. That type of love. That’s what they had. He loved her so much and it had been a long time coming.

But she could never help feeling like she loved him more. More than he could ever love her. Every time he kissed her cheek goodbye she felt like he was ripping a hole through the middle of her chest. Her gut would feel so empty and burning until she saw him again and they held one another.

~Grace Marshall



Something Love

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Something simple
Something tantalizing
Lingers on my mind
And dances on my lips

Something special
Something unique
Beats in my heart
And prances in my eyes

Something strong
Something lasting
Quickens my blood
And carries my feet

Something sensational
Something desirable
Fills my dreams
And lightens my stride

Something sweet
Something unforgettable
Reminds me to live
And gives me a song

~"Something Love"
by Grace Marshall