Grace Marshall


Keep Our Memories

Grace Marshall - Saturday, May 07, 2016


"While riding Mr. Freeze
We've held each other's hands
We've turned into tomatoes
While sculpting in the sand

We've given and taken lessons
While swimming in a pool
We've tutored each other
When we cared about school"




On Clouds Of Love

Grace Marshall - Friday, May 06, 2016

"I once flew over a silver moon but the moon turned crimson and dripped with blood so I slit it across my wrists. I once danced on the clouds below a shining sun but the sun turned black and fell. He tried to rekindle the flame but he can't do it by himself. He needs my help. So I plead with him that we can start with a new golden moon. And we can dance in a new way on clouds of love."



Crimson Fountain

Grace Marshall - Thursday, May 05, 2016

"Crosses, crosses
Broken, wooden crosses
Mangled, torn bodies
Sorrowful, agonizing hearts

Mercy and grace
Flowing in ruby streams
Down a scarlet cross
Forgiveness in the fountain"



BeSmudged Princess

Grace Marshall - Wednesday, May 04, 2016


"So go ahead and find your prince
But try as you might I won’t be convinced
That any man with a silver spoon
Is better than my groom

Yeah, I always knew he wouldn’t be the best at riding
At times I’ll have to drag him out of hiding
He’ll be clumsy, off beat, and off key
But I always knew I’d find someone like me"




Yes Then No

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

"You are in and out
Saying yes then no
I want to cry and shout
Sometimes you frustrate me so 

You cannot decide
You want me then her
This is a roller coaster ride
How do you keep your composure

This is a ride I want to escape
Wanted to get off since it started
Patching my heart with stitches and tape
Now we're together, now we've parted

I want to believe you
But how do I believe it all
You tell me what to believe and do
Sometimes I stand tall and sometimes I fall

I try and believe you love me
Then you say you love her
When someone says love what do you see
For feelings, what is your measure"




Why Did You Leave

Grace Marshall - Monday, May 02, 2016

"What's the deepest pain
I'm not sure I know
I only know my own pain
And it's from loving you so
Why did you leave me
Why did you go
Okay, I guess I see
Okay, I guess I know
It was because of me
Because I did wrong
I knew this would be
We knew it all along
I just didn't want this
I just wasn't thinking
Now I miss your kiss
And my world is sinking"



Constantly Grieves

Grace Marshall - Sunday, May 01, 2016

"Did it not mean anything
Why did you even give me that ring

Was it all just a lie
You always meant to say goodbye

Was it all just a game
Will you even remember my name

You’ve that quirky awkward smile
That’ll be in my head for a while

Get out of my head
I no longer care what you said"




Way Out

Grace Marshall - Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Broken inside
Trying to run
Trying to hide

Battered and bruised
So desperate for healing
So utterly used

Crying and sick
But even while dying
There is a slap and a kick
Trying to see
My body shaking
I wanna be free"




Another Chance

Grace Marshall - Friday, April 29, 2016

"So this is another chance
Just another
Another one of those chances
Like the sun
Getting another chance to brighten
The world
Like the deer
Getting another chance
With its newborn fawn
Like each brand new day
Getting another chance
To be brand new
Before the next day
And the next"



The Ranchers Only Daughter

Grace Marshall - Thursday, April 28, 2016

“Naomi, Naomi, Naomi,” the principal shook his head, tapping his pen against the papers on his desk.

Naomi shrugged in response, letting her eyes wander around the walls of the principal’s small office.
“Why did you have to go and do this?” The principal stood up and sat on the corner of his desk, his eyes narrowed in a stern glance. “You are usually a good kid.”
“He tried to kiss me,” she protested, her eyes snapping to him.
“That’s sexual assault. Besides, his parents should have smacked that butthead up a little bit so I wouldn’t have had to fill in for them. I was just making up for all the years they didn’t do their job.”
“It’s not your job to discipline Ralph,” the principal admonished.
“And what kind of name is Ralph anyway?” Naomi’s face betrayed just how ridiculous and outdated she believed the name to be.
The principal sighed in exasperation, “We are not here to discuss his name, Naomi.”
“Well, it’s his fault,” Naomi retorted, then internally scolded herself for getting short with the principal.
“Naomi, what do I do with you?” The slump of his shoulder’s clearly displayed the principal’s dismay.
“Say ‘good job’ and give me a gold star,” Naomi mumbled, slouching in her chair.
He laughed good-humoredly and stood up from the corner of his desk. “I don’t think Ralph would appreciate that very much.”
Naomi just shrugged in response and the principal chuckled at her once more. “So what do you propose I do then as a form of punishment, since I doubt a gold star would be a very good idea?”
“Why do you find it necessary to punish me? I was just protecting my virtue,” Naomi’s annoyance was clear in her voice.
“Well, if I just let you go around punching men cause they asked you out, other people will think it is acceptable to just smack people around.”
“He’s a boy, not a man. I didn’t punch a man.”
“Oh?” The principal raised his eyebrow.
The principal pursed his lips for a moment, “Well, I’ve already given him punishment.”
“Oh?” Naomi said, sitting up straighter, she opened her mouth to say more but the principal didn’t let her finish.

“Yes,” the principal put up his hand at Naomi, motioning to her to cease in her train of thought. He cleared his throat after a moment, and continued, “And as for you…”