Grace Marshall


Honestly In Love

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, September 26, 2017


She watched him play
Toy with the girls’ emotions
And she remembered
All those days that she, too
Believed all the twisted lies

And there was an ache in her
Spilling out from her heart
Because she had so wanted
All those lies to be true
She'd loved him so deeply

She had assumed, erronously
That he loved her back
That things were different
With her and him than others
That she was special to him 

But as she watched him
Go through lover after lover
She realized they all thought
That they were special to him
But none of them were 

And as she watched him
She knew that he was losing
Because he didn't love
And he'd forgotten how it felt
To be honestly in love



Unwittingly Falling

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, September 12, 2017


He was stealing her heart
One sugar-coated lie at a time
And she was unwittingly falling
Into the depths of despair

Her friends tried to warn her
Her family told her to run
But each discouraging word
Drove her further into his arms

Now looking back at it all
She wished she'd listened
But don't they always afterward
When they wake up broken

~Grace Marshall, poem "Unwittingly Falling"
(*Photo from Pixabay)


It Began with the First

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Though I know I can’t

Though friends are scant


They’d be better without me

But they just can’t see


So I continue onward

Just spiraling downward


As the melody overtakes me

And I simply continue to be

~Grace Marshall

From "It Began With The First"

(Picture from Pixabay)




Grace Marshall - Tuesday, February 28, 2017


She wasn’t fragile

She wasn’t hopeless

She’d just been in love

Fooled by one kiss

And broken by another

Unprepared for this

She shattered like glass


by Grace Marshall




Bought Shotgun Shells

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"I want you to trip and fall
And smack your head
But that's definitely not all
I want you to stop calling me
In the middle of the night
Telling me how you were wrong
And you want to make it right
I want you to stop telling your friends
How much you miss me
And you wish it wasn't the end
Posting on your profile wall
I don't mind your dreams coming true
Just let it be far away
Where I never have to see you
That's what  I want from you"

~From my poem, "Bought Shotgun Shells"




Grace Marshall - Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All the world
Calling to my soul
Incinerating my hopes
Devastating me

Reeling in a whirl
A completely empty void
In and out of consciousness
Not knowing lies from truth

~Grace Marshall
Poem "Acid Rain"


From Poem, "Say No More"

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

" When it comes to men
Oh, when it comes to men
The silly nonsense
I've thought in my head

Never take a man at all
Each man's arms are the same
Only one man will do
I've waited so long"

~Grace Marshall
From my poem "Say No More"




Grace Marshall - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"So you’ve decided
Finally what you want
You went up then down
Told me yes then no
And after so much pain
And so much hurt
Tears flowing so freely
Words there and words gone
You finally made up your mind
You’ve decided what you want
You found what’s in your heart
What is the truth
The depth behind those watery eyes
Your heart and head collided
And fought for the upper hand"




Damaged But Whole

Grace Marshall - Monday, May 09, 2016


"You can’t be
Just what I need
I try to be free
But your entrancing eyes
Water and drip
Those large manipulative tears
Your petitions and pleas
Roll lightly off your tongue
Slide smoothly through your lips
Like hot wax dripping off a candle
It glows as it glides
Looking deceitfully innocent
Before it lets go and dribbles
Scorching even the suspecting hand
I try so hard
I hate all this pain
But I’ve been welded to your side
By your slowly dripping tears
Your smoothly flowing words
And I care too much
To step away or turn my face"




Couldn't Keep You

Grace Marshall - Sunday, May 08, 2016


"Are you for or against me
Because I cannot tell
I cannot seem to see
If you do or don’t mean well

I did my best not to
Tried to stop it
Tried not to fall in love with you
Now in anxiety I weep and sit

Are we together or apart
Because this sinking tale
This tale is imprinted on my heart
But perhaps our love will fail"