Grace Marshall


Excerpt from Short Story "Lying Heart"

Grace Marshall - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lauren sucked in a deep breath, drumming her fingers on the windowsill. She squeezed her eyes tightly, feeling the tears drain down her cheeks. “I miss you,” she whispered, the words trailing away into the cold air around her. ‘Why do you have to do this to me?’

It wasn’t that she thought he was doing it on purpose. She knew that if he really had a choice he would choose to stay with her. It wasn’t that she felt unloved. She knew he loved her; he loved her like crazy. It was one of those ridiculous fantasy swan loves; the two swans that only had each other and if their mate died they stayed alone the rest of their lives. The type of infatuation where no one else was even seen. The kind where every dream revolved around that other person. That type of love. That’s what they had. He loved her so much and it had been a long time coming.

But she could never help feeling like she loved him more. More than he could ever love her. Every time he kissed her cheek goodbye she felt like he was ripping a hole through the middle of her chest. Her gut would feel so empty and burning until she saw him again and they held one another.

~Grace Marshall



On Clouds Of Love

Grace Marshall - Friday, May 06, 2016

"I once flew over a silver moon but the moon turned crimson and dripped with blood so I slit it across my wrists. I once danced on the clouds below a shining sun but the sun turned black and fell. He tried to rekindle the flame but he can't do it by himself. He needs my help. So I plead with him that we can start with a new golden moon. And we can dance in a new way on clouds of love."