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Equine Excerpt from Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts

Grace Marshall - Monday, August 15, 2016

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book Unexpected Allies and Recurring Warts! It is book 2 of the Horse Haven series. I hope you enjoy!


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Ruth’s father came back to where she and her grandfather were standing. The three of them walked back to the truck without conversation. After they had gotten into the truck and grandpa Malachi had started the engine her father said, “And that would be a horse that was drugged.”

Ruth acknowledged the observation with a quick nod. “That would make sense, I’m just a bit surprised she would do that. She wasn’t the type of lady that I would have suspected of drugging animals just to sell them. Somebody must be willing to take on a strong-willed, stubborn pony without the drugs.”

“For a lot less money and that somebody is more difficult to find,” her father stated.

“I suppose.” Ruth watched as her father set the GPS to go to the owner that was selling Embera. “Hopefully Embera is just the same today as she was yesterday.”

“Yes, we know you want to take her home,” her grandfather drawled out. “We’re going to see her, keep your britches on.”

“Um, yeah, I was planning on it,” Ruth said. “Not sure how it would help things if I didn’t.”

Her father chuckled.

During the ride to see Embera nobody said much. They soon arrived at Mr. Palmer’s drive, tumbled out of the truck, and went to the front door.

Mr. Palmer didn’t seem as surprised to see them again as the woman had been. He wore a pleased smile as he took them to the barn to see Embera. She seemed the same as yesterday. A little young and nervous perhaps, but fairly well behaved and intelligent. Ruth felt confident enough to try her out again and her father didn’t have any objections.

Ruth mounted with anticipation beating in her heart and palms. She hoped they would both do well so they could bring Embera home today. She was fond of the mare. She liked Mirage, the blue roan they already owned, too, but it would be awesome to have both horses. She settled in the saddle and pressed her legs together. The mare flicked her ears back but didn’t move. Ruth gave her a gentle kick with the legs and Embera started forward.

Ruth relaxed on her back and after a few moments took Embera into a trot. Just as the mare sped up pace Ruth felt some wetness on her arm. She looked down at her arm but didn’t see anything. She shrugged it off until she felt a few more drops. She looked up at the sky that had suddenly turned grey and ominous. No wonder it was so humid.

The rain quickened its pace as Ruth urged Embera into a canter. After a few minutes the rain broke into an all out downpour. Ruth groaned as she felt it soaking through her jeans. She slowed the mare down to a walk then a halt. ‘Why Lord, why?’ Ruth thought in exasperation.


If you had fun reading this excerpt you can purchase the book with the link below. It is scheduled to release September 2016! 

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Abbie commented on 24-Aug-2016 11:44 AM
Hi, justt wanted to mention, I enjoyed tthis article.
It was funny. Keep on posting!
Christine commented on 24-Aug-2016 11:22 PM
Great to read, Grace! Thanks for sharing :) I enjoyed your first book; good luck with the second!

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