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Day 16 & 17 - Malakai & Chico!

Grace Marshall - Friday, October 28, 2016

I went to the barn twice this week! The first day I worked with Malakai.

When I took Malakai out to work with him, with the idea in mind that he's not aggressive but unconfident, it worked much better. He paid a lot more attention and started to trust me.

See those injuries on his leg? The poor guy jumped through the fence. We think maybe a mountain lion was after him, there are some that have been spotted in the area. Poor dear.

While I was working with Malakai, Chico was not happy that I have abandoned him for the last two weeks due to his eye infection/injury. He stood by the gate of his paddock and stared at me. Since I felt bad for him and I miss him anyway, I worked with him the second day of the week.

He acted like he hadn't been worked with in a while, not paying attention, unmotivated, and stubborn. I decided to try to get his attention with some treats. It worked a little better than I hoped. He didn't want to let me away from the front of him because he knew he had to have his face close to me to get treats! We worked through it though, I'm happy I'll get to spend more time with him again. He's really a challenge and it's helping me to grow as a horse person.

I also went to say hi to Malakai and give him some treats in the paddock he was in before I left. He didn't want to see me and walked away a few paces and turned his butt to me. I decided instead of chasing him I'd just entice him with the fact I had treats. So I gave Sahib a treat, then Vibe, then AJ came over to see what was happening. All these horses surrounding me got Malakai's attention. :)

He looked up with ears perked, realized what was going on, and decided to come over.  Gotta love horses, they are such characters. I just gave him some treats and pets, I don't want him to always think that when I'm around it means we will have to work. I'm trying to show him I care about him and also he can trust me.

We are also taking our dog, Mini, with us to the barn now. She loves it. Sometimes a little too much and we have to tie her up for a while until she calms down. She still acts like a puppy sometimes. Look at that cute face.

As always, can't wait until next week. Adios until next time!

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