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Day 18 & 19 - New Horses & Chico

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 04, 2016

We went to the barn twice this week. There are some new horses! Here is Comet:

For some reason I keep calling him Cosmo? So if I talk about a "Cosmo," I'm likely talking about Comet. I don't know, he just looks like a Cosmo to me.

There are also two new adorable ponies! Rain on the left, Kai on the right.

They're so cute together. Quite attached, I must say.

They basically mirror image each other. It's ridiculous and darling at the same time.

I didn't really work with the horses the first day at the stable but the second day I did. I mainly worked with Chico. I took him out on a longer line this time to show him he has to listen to me even when he's not right next to me. :P

We also brought our dog with us, Mini, and they started to get to know each other. Chico isn't scared of anything it seems. 

Then I tried to get him to touch his nose to objects, well, just the fence to start with. It took forever! He was this close for minutes!


Meanwhile, J. Lindsey worked with Xena. He even took a lead rope and she followed him around! Incredible! I'm so jealous!


I then went to visit Malakai for a few minutes before we left. 

Can't wait until next week! Adios until then!

~Grace Marshall

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