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Day 20 & 21 - Tacking Up Chico

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 11, 2016

There was a new horse at the barn, Willow. She is actually just there while the owner tries to sell her, she's a cutie.

I went to the barn twice this week. Here's Malakai, who I worked with on the first day. I worked on building his confidence, even got the saddle blanket out and rubbed it on him! He's a completely different horse when he trusts you! So much less flighty, more confident, more interested and curious.

I also went out to Chico at the end and rubbed him with the saddle blanket. I brought him some treats to intrigue him. :) He seemed okay with it.

On day two I worked mainly with Chico. I took the saddle and blanket out and let him check them out.

Then I got on! He stood still and let me mount without a problem, except after I mounted he wanted to walk forward. I made him bend his neck and stop. I mounted and dismounted a few times but mostly just sat and made him bend his neck and stand still. I also had treats I gave him from his back. Being ridden is a good thing!

Afterward, I took him to the barn to remove his tack and had him clipped to one lead connected to the wall. He came to see what I was doing in the tack room though.

I felt like we made progress! Can't wait until next week!

Adios until then!

~Grace Marshall

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