Stable Visit


Day Two - Photo Shoot

Grace Marshall - Friday, July 15, 2016

The owner of the horse ranch is currently doing a day camp with the horses and some kids so she is rather busy and ended up being somewhat late to help J. Lindsey Marshall and me (Grace Marshall) with the horses. The horses were excited to be fed and rather impatient and first, then after some time passed they decided we were boring. The free time made for some great photo opportunities though, and also allowed J. Lindsey and I time to try and remember the horses names we learned last week.

The horses in the barn were all ready to be feed when we arrived and greeted us with anticipation.

Here are some of the impatient horses that literally created a line waiting to be brought in and get their morning feed.

I felt like they were saying, "Okay, this is our pecking order, now let us in to eat."

We couldn't remember the cats' names either, but they were just as eager to get fed as the horses. They were also a lot more in your face about getting your attention.

Could not remember any of these guys' names. These guys were a handful of the few that didn't seem to care much that we were around.

I remembered Blizzard from last time. She's so beautiful!


I guess the lesson for today was that I only need to be around equines to be happy. I can be feeding them, grooming them, riding them, or snapping photos. No matter what, horses are awesome!


First Day - Learning The Ropes

Grace Marshall - Friday, July 08, 2016

J. Lindsey Marshall and me (Grace Marshall) spent the first day of volunteering at the stable learning how to do the chores and trying to remember the horses' names.

We got there a little early so while we were waiting for the owner we looked at the horse rotation board and just "chatted" with the horses. Here is a picture of J. Lindsey asking one of the horse's her name.

She listened quite intently to J. Lindsey as he talked to her but she didn't tell us her name. She wasn't who we thought she might be (Cadence), but did have a fitting name for a flea bitten grey, "Blizzard." As well as trying to learn all the horses names we tried to figure out the rotation board and feeding schedule. I think we will get the hang of it rather quickly. I think. I hope.

I also tried to remember the names of the other animals, but the only one I really remember is the name of the pig, which is "Portly." Extremely fitting for him by the way.


Yes, the horses eat spilled grain off his back and he doesn't mind a bit. The horse pictured here is Malachi.

We had a bit of an adventure when one of the tied horses in the indoor arena had a loose lead rope snap. It fell off her halter and when I walked into the arena I found her munching on the hay in the corner. The owner said it was the alfalfa hay, mischievous little girl was getting herself some good breakfast. She let me catch her and take her right back to the post to tie her again. Mischievous but sweet.

It also started raining, well storming, but we waited until it calmed down some and got the last few horses from the pasture. One of them, Joey, didn't want to come to the gate and stood under the shed roof staring at us, the little cutie (well, rather large cutie). J. Lindsey walked across the pasture to get him.

Overall, it was fun and I'm so glad we decided to volunteer at the horse ranch.

More to come about our adventures, I'm so excited for next week!