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Another Day At The Barn

Grace Marshall - Friday, December 30, 2016

Here is a handsome new Thoroughbred at the stable. His name is "Greyfell." He was gloriously mud-caked when we met him for the first time.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture on the next one. Didn't realize how bad the sunlight was cutting into the picture when I snapped the shot, but here's Parker! I'll get a better picture of him eventually.

And here is Candace. He knows how that bucket fell off the loop. He knows exactly how it fell.


Update on Stable

Grace Marshall - Friday, December 23, 2016

Sorry about the delay in posts. Things have been crazy with the holidays.

We have still been going to the barn. I haven't been working with the horses a lot though, mostly feeding. I'm a big wimp and don't like the cold, so I tend not to stay. But here's a few updates:

This is a new horse at the barn, her name is Scrappy. She has a beautiful albino face. :)

There is another horse at the barn, Bangz, but I didn't get a picture of him yet. I assure you one will be coming.

Speaking of horses coming, I should mention one dear to me left.

At least I got to say goodbye. Chico, the smart, challenging paint on the right in the picture below, was bought for a little girl for Christmas. I hope they make each other happy. I'll miss him a lot.

I did spend some time with Malakai. He's doing well, a really smart horse once you get him to start trusting you and calm down. He's very willing to please. I really enjoy working with him, he's such a smart, beautiful boy.

Anyway, sorry for not sending out more updates, but don't worry, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!

Until next time.

~Grace Marshall


Happy Thanksgiving!

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 25, 2016

I didn't visit the barn, just spent time with family for Thanksgiving week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Day 22 - Riding Malakai!

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 18, 2016

It was a beautiful fall day for some pictures. Ronnie looked cute with a backdrop of colorful leaves.

Here is Xena in a similar shot.

After feeding the horses I worked with Malakai.

I actually saddled him up today and got on! He was behaving so well! He didn't want to be saddled or rode as much as I hoped though. I took it slow and didn't push him.

After a few minutes of easy riding I took him out with the saddle and let him graze, trying to get him to like the saddle! 

That was it, fun day!

~Adios until next time!



Day 20 & 21 - Tacking Up Chico

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 11, 2016

There was a new horse at the barn, Willow. She is actually just there while the owner tries to sell her, she's a cutie.

I went to the barn twice this week. Here's Malakai, who I worked with on the first day. I worked on building his confidence, even got the saddle blanket out and rubbed it on him! He's a completely different horse when he trusts you! So much less flighty, more confident, more interested and curious.

I also went out to Chico at the end and rubbed him with the saddle blanket. I brought him some treats to intrigue him. :) He seemed okay with it.

On day two I worked mainly with Chico. I took the saddle and blanket out and let him check them out.

Then I got on! He stood still and let me mount without a problem, except after I mounted he wanted to walk forward. I made him bend his neck and stop. I mounted and dismounted a few times but mostly just sat and made him bend his neck and stand still. I also had treats I gave him from his back. Being ridden is a good thing!

Afterward, I took him to the barn to remove his tack and had him clipped to one lead connected to the wall. He came to see what I was doing in the tack room though.

I felt like we made progress! Can't wait until next week!

Adios until then!

~Grace Marshall


Day 18 & 19 - New Horses & Chico

Grace Marshall - Friday, November 04, 2016

We went to the barn twice this week. There are some new horses! Here is Comet:

For some reason I keep calling him Cosmo? So if I talk about a "Cosmo," I'm likely talking about Comet. I don't know, he just looks like a Cosmo to me.

There are also two new adorable ponies! Rain on the left, Kai on the right.

They're so cute together. Quite attached, I must say.

They basically mirror image each other. It's ridiculous and darling at the same time.

I didn't really work with the horses the first day at the stable but the second day I did. I mainly worked with Chico. I took him out on a longer line this time to show him he has to listen to me even when he's not right next to me. :P

We also brought our dog with us, Mini, and they started to get to know each other. Chico isn't scared of anything it seems. 

Then I tried to get him to touch his nose to objects, well, just the fence to start with. It took forever! He was this close for minutes!


Meanwhile, J. Lindsey worked with Xena. He even took a lead rope and she followed him around! Incredible! I'm so jealous!


I then went to visit Malakai for a few minutes before we left. 

Can't wait until next week! Adios until then!

~Grace Marshall



Day 16 & 17 - Malakai & Chico!

Grace Marshall - Friday, October 28, 2016

I went to the barn twice this week! The first day I worked with Malakai.

When I took Malakai out to work with him, with the idea in mind that he's not aggressive but unconfident, it worked much better. He paid a lot more attention and started to trust me.

See those injuries on his leg? The poor guy jumped through the fence. We think maybe a mountain lion was after him, there are some that have been spotted in the area. Poor dear.

While I was working with Malakai, Chico was not happy that I have abandoned him for the last two weeks due to his eye infection/injury. He stood by the gate of his paddock and stared at me. Since I felt bad for him and I miss him anyway, I worked with him the second day of the week.

He acted like he hadn't been worked with in a while, not paying attention, unmotivated, and stubborn. I decided to try to get his attention with some treats. It worked a little better than I hoped. He didn't want to let me away from the front of him because he knew he had to have his face close to me to get treats! We worked through it though, I'm happy I'll get to spend more time with him again. He's really a challenge and it's helping me to grow as a horse person.

I also went to say hi to Malakai and give him some treats in the paddock he was in before I left. He didn't want to see me and walked away a few paces and turned his butt to me. I decided instead of chasing him I'd just entice him with the fact I had treats. So I gave Sahib a treat, then Vibe, then AJ came over to see what was happening. All these horses surrounding me got Malakai's attention. :)

He looked up with ears perked, realized what was going on, and decided to come over.  Gotta love horses, they are such characters. I just gave him some treats and pets, I don't want him to always think that when I'm around it means we will have to work. I'm trying to show him I care about him and also he can trust me.

We are also taking our dog, Mini, with us to the barn now. She loves it. Sometimes a little too much and we have to tie her up for a while until she calms down. She still acts like a puppy sometimes. Look at that cute face.

As always, can't wait until next week. Adios until next time!



Day 15 - A Simple Day

Grace Marshall - Saturday, October 22, 2016

I took my camera out this time since the iPhone is making the photos so fuzzy right now. J. Lindsey and I spent a simple day at the stable.

Blizzard doesn't like to be left alone. Here he is whinnying in greeting to Chico as we bring him out to let him go in the paddock. Blizz is so cute!

Here is AJ, Malakai, and Sahib.

Malakai, paying attention to me.

Malakai again, being cute.

And here is AJ! He reminds me so much of the horse I had in high school.

Malakai, wanting to eat and ignore me.

AJ, curious as always.

After doing chores, I spent the day taking pictures and petting horses, mainly Malakai and Chico. 

Here is Becca, she's got such a pretty face!

And I got a better picture of Angie!

That's it! Just a simple, lazy day, just hanging out with horses! I love it!

Adios until next time!

~Grace Marshall


Day 14 - Letting Malakai Fly

Grace Marshall - Friday, October 14, 2016

Attack of the kittens!

We had to start the day off by seeing the cutie pie kittens. We are actually going to be taking the tortoise shell one with white paws home with us when he's ready. :)

Since it was cool the horses were rather frisky. I would have had some really awesome shots if it wasn't for the fact that the new iPhone upgrade seems to have nerfed the camera? A ton of them came out fuzzy and even the good ones only look good small. I still enjoyed the opportunity to get action shots, though. Here's Cadence being let to pasture.

All the horses let out to pasture got a good run out of their systems.

Here is Xena, wanting to go out to pasture.

And here she is, free!

I took Malakai out for some groundwork. It turns out he is a bit of a nervous horse. Also, he was full of pent-up energy so I just let him run around and got some more action shots! He's such a pretty runner and trotter.

This picture cracked me up. He quickly got over his fear once he realized there was hay in the scarecrow man.

Oh no, someone lost their head!

After I put Malakai up, I went to visit Chico. He is still resting while he waits for his eye to heal up.

Overall, it was a good day and I enjoyed getting to watch the horses run. Can't wait until next time, but I suppose that's not different than any other time. :)

Adios until then!

~Grace Marshall


Day 13 - Malakai!

Grace Marshall - Friday, October 07, 2016

Hay horses!

Chico had something wrong with his eye, maybe he poked it on something? So he's ordered to stall rest at the moment.

Poor boy, I hope he gets better quickly!

At any rate, since I couldn't work with Chico, I got to work with a different horse. And starts my love affair with Malakai! 

We started slow with just ground work and hanging out in the paddock getting to know each other. He is so different than Chico! He is sensitive to touch, excitable, and more nervous. He is intelligent though and sweet. He will be a challenge of a new and different kind. I'm excited to see what it will be like to work with a horse that has more energy.

Also, there is a new face in the stable!

Her name is Angie.

Adios until next time!

~Grace Marshall

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