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Kittens and Christmas Trees

Grace Marshall - Friday, January 06, 2017

They were at something strange that Tenny had never seen before. The tenacious tortoiseshell calico kitten was always looking for new and interesting things to play with. And it seemed her wildest dreams were coming true. They had set a tree up in the main room and were places toys all about it. Shiny objects, soft objects, wriggling objects! Oh joy! This was going to be fun!

Amerigo Vespucci yawned and observed a disaster in the making. The rambunctious tiny fuzzball his slaves had brought home looked about to climb the Christmas tree. Older and larger Amerigo had long ago learned when to give to slaves more work and when it just made them chase him around yelling. It was nice a cozy right now, he didn't feel like hearing the excitable humans yell. Clambering to his feet he stretched casually yellow eyes never leaving the little kitten. If it moved any closer.....

As the two-leggeds walked away from the tree, Tenny crouched and stalked the green gift of fun. The two-leggeds settled on the couch just as Tenny pounced. The two-leggeds began hollering but Tenny ignored them, intent on her mission. Her paw swiped at a tassel, success! She pulled the object down just as a stream of water splashed the back of her head


~Grace & J. Lindsey Marshall
(Picture from Pixabay)


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